Narrative Design – Marketing tools

•  Bay Area Discovery Museum – Brochure

•  Conde House – Handcrafted catalog for contract               furniture company

•  Creative Intelligence Associates [CIA] Brand                     Architects, Inc. – Case Study 

•  Here in America? – AWRIC Report on the hearings of         Peruvian born Japanese, German and Italian                    Americans  who were illegally incarcerated during WWII.

•  Hotel Healdsburg

•  HP Posters – Seed Communications

•  Kids Cook! – Teaching guidebook, SAGE,                           Sustainable Agriculture Education

•  Nana Mae's Organics


•  Our Future, Our Farms, Our Food – SAGE,                         Sustainable Agriculture Education

•  San Francisco Foodshed Report – AFT/American               Farmland Trust

•  Vital Signs  – Posters for a national program                       coordinated through UC Berkeley, School of                       Environmental Design

•  The Whole World's Watching – Book design,                       Berkeley Art Center

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